Just in time for Christmas, a free thriller from Diane and David Munson. We’ve notified many of you of opportunities to get a free digital eBook version of “Night Flight,” as they’ve been available on Amazon. Now we are making a free print version of “Night Flight” or “Confirming Justice” available from our website at www.DianeAndDavidMunson.com. To get your free copy of either book, just order any one of the following novels. When you order Joshua Covenant, Redeeming Liberty, Hero’s Ransom, The Camelot Conspiracy, or Facing Justice between now and November 30th, you will receive a free copy of Night Flight, our newest novel for young adults and adults who are young at heart, or of Confirming Justice.
We wrote “Night Flight” as a means of introducing teen readers to books their parents and grandparents are reading. It’s our attempt to bridge the generation gap. We have grandchildren and find the gap broadening as they embrace ipods, FaceBook, and technology many find intimidating. “Night Flight” provides teens with an opportunity to read serious Christian suspense with the same characters and plots their adult family members are reading. Those adults who have read Night Flight have enjoyed it and many said they are buying it for their adult kids and grandkids for Christmas.
To get your free copy, just pick any other title from the list above. When you pay for that book with your credit card, there is an area where you can say to whom you want your book autographed. In that same field, also state which free book (Night Flight or Confirming Justice) you want. You can also order Night Flight or Confirming Justice and get a free copy of that same title. No need to order two books. Just add in the autograph field if want the free copy of Night Flight, or Confirming Justice.
Be Blessed, Diane and David