Tonight’s episode of NCIS is a rerun of ‘Canary’ that first ran during the Season 10 on February 5, 2013. For those who didn’t see our critique at that time, here is the link:

Meanwhile, it is summer and the stars of NCIS are pursuing their individual interests, as are the show’s fans (us included). Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly don’t really keep up to date on what’s happening in our lives, but we do care about theirs. So, we’ve included some trivia about Mark Harmon, to keep the rest of you fans entertained in the absence of the new weekly episodes.

At the beginning of Mark’s acting career, Jack Webb, the talented star of “Dragnet”, gave him advice and helped Mark to get a part on the crime drama “Adam 12.” Mark then starred in “Eleanor & Franklin: The White House Years” in 1977. For that performance, Mark was nominated for an Emmy.

He was carpenter/roofer by day and actor in local LA theater by night before landing  key parts in “Flamingo Road,” and “St. Elsewhere.” He met Pam Dawber and they wed in 1987. Mark starred in “Chicago Hope,” which allowed him family time with sons Sean and Ty. In 2002, Mark appeared on “The West Wing,” receiving another Emmy nomination for his portrayal of a secret service agent. But something much bigger happened in his life.

TV producer Don Bellisario saw Mark’s performance as the strong, silent type on “The West Wing” and NCIS began. Mark Harmon became Leroy Jethro Gibbs. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” Bellisario said that “Mark has the jock mentality – you tough it out, no matter how tough it is.” Doesn’t he though? And we are glad to watch his weekly performances. Can’t you just picture Gibbs saying to Tony, Tim, or Ziva, “Just the facts.”

Stay tuned and be blessed, Diane and David Munson