May 29, 2012 NCIS – In Honor of Memorial Day and a new NCIS “team” member!

This weekend we have remembered the men and women who have sacrificed to protect this nation throughout the world and throughout centuries. Did any of you catch the NCIS marathon over the weekend? We were too busy finishing our next manuscript to see much of the shows, but we did reflect on the TV version with real life service members.
While NCIS features many sailors and marines, the show does not always portray our Navy and Marine Corp members in the most favorable light. We started writing our critiques after so many folks who know David, like Gibbs, used to be a Special Agent with the Naval Investigative Service (having recently changed its name to NCIS). The question we hear most is: “In your opinion, is the NCIS show anything like the real NCIS?”
David always says the biggest difference is that in five years as a Special Agent he had only two homicide cases, while the NCIS crew investigates a homicide nearly every week. What accounts for the difference? Since the Viet Nam war, the same men and women we honor each Memorial Day are members who have volunteered for service in the military. They are committed to service and are not prone to committing crimes, especially not murder. We keep our troops in our prayers and we encourage you to thank them for their service.
Tonight NCIS aired a rerun of “Psych Out,” first shown on February 21st of 2012. You can read our critique in the February archive on our blog, Two ExFeds New Wrap. This show revealed Gibbs’ Rule #32 – “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Hmm. Will Dr. Ryan return next season? We do not think she will be a major player.
Okay, we’ve kept you in suspense. So just who is the new NCIS “team” member? Michael Weatherly, aka Anthony DiNozzo, is a new father. His wife, Bojana Jankovic gave birth to daughter Olivia on April 10, 2012. Will Michael’s role as a father spill over into his character as the jovial and very Special Agent, Anthony DeNozzo?
Have a blessed week. We’ll have some more fun NCIS facts next Tuesday night!
Diane and David Munson

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  1. Deb Ragno May 30, 2012 at 11:59 am - Reply

    Since you mentioned Gibbs Rule # 32, just curious to know if you’ve kept track of all his rules? Or do the writers just randomly make them up?

  2. danddmunson May 30, 2012 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Deb: We make it a point to know these things. We will share some of “Gibbs'” rules, as the off-season progresses.

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