Once again, the writers hit a home run with the November 1,
2011 episode of Gibbs’ and Tobias’ Triangle with the one ex-wife they share in
common. It just goes to prove that  some
men and women can be smart in some aspects of their lives and really stupid in
love. It was obvious to every viewer when Gibbs and Tobias found themselves
summoned to the coffee kiosk that the red headed woman who approached them had
to be their ex. The writers have indoctrinated us about Gibb’s affinity with red
heads. It was cleverly written to give both men jurisdiction, where NCIS
wouldn’t normally be involved. Lucky for the ex “Diane,” this third guy
(possibly the right number) understands her and has money stashed off shore
from an inheritance. Was that also because he understood her? Maybe he had seen
Gibbs’ and Tobias’ divorce settlements, where she took both agents to the
cleaners. Then when she needed their help, she acted as if she deserved it,
even after taking Gibbs’ grandfather’s watch. In Diane Munson’s family law practice,
the character Diane taking an old watch seemed extreme. But more on that in a

Jethro and Tobias reluctantly got involved in trying to find
her missing husband, with Tobias drinking Pepto Bismol instead of coffee and
even inserting Tony into the fray. Tony has an agenda of his own, which Diane
immediately smells. What about the agency her newest husband worked for,
Homeland Security? After 9/11, many agencies responsible for protecting our
country were merged into the Department of Homeland Security. It may make for interesting
scripts for future episodes. Although Diane’s current husband didn’t seem like
a law enforcement type, he had a gun. But, then it had never been fired. Go
figure. Did anyone notice that Gibbs’ cell phone has two different ring tones?
One was conventional and the other the familiar “continental tone.” Is that a
technical error? Or does he now carry two cell phones.

Comment on what you thought was the best line of the episode.
For David, it was the beginning when an angry Diane is in Leroy’s office and Gibbs
suggests they go downstairs. Diane fires back, “Oh, do you have a basement down
there too, Mr. Woodchuck?”

What about the DHS guy who kept consulting with his watch
and speaking computer-eze? We found him suspicious from the beginning—too
weird. We liked it when Tony clued into his madness too, saying “Who is this
clown?” The tension between the characters was superb, with the DHS virus and
military connection not being neatly tied together at the end. More to come on
that? Also, we’d like you to comment on what you thought of the woman Diane
was, i.e., taking Gibbs’ watch in the divorce, and the woman she is becoming.
Not only did she bring back the watch, she also told Gibbs: “You are my
Shannon.”  Wow!