Teresa, Caroline, Deb, and Martha have all commented on our critique of last night’s episode of NCIS, “Page Not Found”. It seems everyone agrees that following the departure of Ziva (Cote de Pablo) the episodes have been lacking. Might the reason be the producers were caught by surprise, then rushed to put the square peg Bishop, a hyper-analyst who eats junk food and sits on the floor, into the round hole of an A-type Agent? In the last three weeks, ratings have been down in the seventeen million range, from the once twent-three million viewers. That might be due to spring breaks, or to the New Orleans spin off. Or, perhaps viewers aren’t warming to Bishop. It is interesting to note that in the last three episodes commenters to this blog have liked them. We’ve observed that in all three episodes, Bishop has been mostly a spectator. So now what is to be done with Bishop?

Blessings, Diane and David Munson