After months of summer, fall is fast approaching.  Are you all excited about the upcoming season of NCIS? Leroy Jethro Gibbs will have his hands full with several new agents rounding out the team.  Blue Blood actor Jennifer Esposito will portray Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn and Wilmer Valderrama from “Grey’s Anatomy” stars as Special Agent Nick Torres.

In the season opener, Torres is linked to a car explosion when he goes undercover. Gibbs has rejected six candidates for Tony’s desk, and finally asks Quinn to give it a go. Remember British MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves from last season? Actor Duane Henry returns in episode 5. And rumor has it Special Agent Timothy McGee will become a married man. If a wedding is in the mix, do y’all think Tony will make a cameo appearance? We do! And we are ready for the fun to begin. Let us know what you think about this fresh look at special agents keeping us safe at home and abroad.

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Diane and David Munson