Because there’s no broadcast of NCIS tonight, (perhaps due to the networks showing the debate between the two presidential hopefuls), we thought we’d share some fun NCIS trivia. Mark Harmon fans will be interested to know Mark recently received his own star on the Walk of Fame. Pauley Perrette and others from the show were there to see the unveiling, along with Mark’s longtime friend and CBS official, Les Moonves.
Have you seen Abby’s newly-found biological brother since his appearance at the pet store last season and again in Season 10? After the bombing of the Navy Yard, Gibbs urged Abby to find her brother in the episode entitled, “Recovery.” As her brother he is Kyle Davis, and is played by Daniel Luis Rivas. Rivas and Perrette actually dated in real life. People who met them together thought they were brother and sister. Even though they no longer date, Pauley started a Twitter campaign to get Rivas written into the script of NCIS. She succeeded and we all saw him as her biological brother separated by adoption.
Okay, we think some of us may have seen Rivas since his NCIS appearances and didn’t even recognize him. Stay alert and watch the identity thief on the often playing commercials for Lifelock. Yup, what do you think, is that him?
The next show is called, “Lost at Sea” and airs on October 23rd. Anyone want to guess what it will be about? Will one of our favorite characters be lost at sea?
Be Blessed,
Diane and David Munson