Is Gibb’s entering a new phase of his life? Possibly so. It’s possibly that he’s met his match too. Tuesday night’s show featured Gibbs interacting with Dr. Samantha Ryan of the Navy’s PsyOps Division. Being the head doctor that she is, Ryan caused Gibbs to pull out his advanced special agent training manual. Wow, the head games were intense. Consider this. After all his years of working the streets and back alleys, hasn’t Jethro earned his honorary degree as a head doc? It will be interesting to see who analyzes who and who teaches who in the coming episodes. Already the good doctor has bugged Gibb’s home and he’s staked out her ever-so-well hidden son. Remember, Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Tony Curtis and co-starred with Mark Harmon in “Freaky Friday.”

Will Dr. Ryan return? Yes! Next week. So the writers of NCIS must have Gibb’s entering a new phase. This will be his first romantic interest that doesn’t sport red hair. Oh, you say she’s not going to be a romantic interest? She called Jethro in the middle of the night didn’t she? Gibbs would tell you there is a number for that rule. We will all have to keep watching to see what that turns out to be.

How about DiNozzo’s complaint about his paycheck? Now he has to pay back the erroneous withholding. Gibb’s has a rule about that too. #32 – “Let sleeping dogs lie.”
It was a fun show. What happened to our Two ExFeds NewsWrap this past week was not fun. Because of some hackers who infected thousands of blogs, ours crashed. As a result, whoever signed up to receive regular emails of our NCIS blog will no longer be receiving it. We are working to correct the problem so please stay tuned. We are thankful to our webmaster for pulling a couple of all nighters to get us back online. Thanks Kevin! And thanks to our faithful readers. Stay tuned and be Blessed.
Diane and David