Tonight’s episode of NCIS, which originally aired on May 15, was the last of four shows featuring one twisted man, Harper Dearing. Several questions remain to be resolved. Ducky is left mortally ill on a beach, with Jimmy presumably married. We wonder how well he will fit in with the rest of the mostly unmarried team.
Why is Director Vance kidnapped? The answer to this question sets the pace for Season 9’s finale where we learn what happened to that last microchip. The writer offers plenty of excitement in this “four arc” run. He starts with a thread of faulty wiring that could be caused by our enemies or greedy contractors to weaken our fleet. In the end, Gary Glasberg expertly uses misdirection to cast suspicion onto Dr. Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis), and concludes with a bomb placed in Vance’s car by a vengeful father who blows up NCIS headquarters.
Wow! Ducky, played superbly by David McCallum, is a forlorn figure in his tuxedo, walking along the beach. The wide ocean amplifies his aloneness. When he receives a phone call on his cell and learns of the horrific explosion, he reacts almost in slow motion. His face contorts and he drops to the sand. This scene caps off what is so brilliant about NCIS. The characters are a family to each other and they seem like members of our family as viewers. In their exciting and dangerous jobs, they are people who miss at love, hurt when the others hurt, and annoy each other with odd quirks. Yet, they hang together with humor and courage.
When Jimmy tells his bride-to-be that he wants to be married immediately so he can help his NCIS family, her response is priceless. She is marrying him as he’s the kindest man in the world. She has no interest in a big wedding.
Will Dearing be caught before he kills more people to settle his score? Is there more to Dearing than meets the eye? Dr. Ryan flees when the maniac finds her son at his school and gets her ex-husband released from prison on a technicality. She may go into permanent hiding or she may work from an “undisclosed location”. Either way, Season 10 promises to be the “best yet” as Michael Weatherly said recently.
We are on the edge of our seats waiting for the opener next week. Are you?
Be Blessed,
Diane and David