“Playing With Fire” certainly presents fans with stellar drama. A summary of past events precedes this episode that originally aired on May 1st. A vendor is furnishing the government with faulty and dangerous electrical wiring, creating explosions on Navy ships. Sailors are dying and Mark Harmon is in high gear to find out who is behind the murders. It is great to see NCIS special agents doing what they really do aboard Navy ships.
As usual these NCIS co-workers, who are family to each other, stick their noses into each other’s business. McGee’s giant face from the USS Brewer in the middle of a bout with seasickness is good for laughs, as is Tony’s constant poking into Ziva’s weekend plans. Tony and Ziva’s trip to Italy raises the stakes as Special Agent Burley’s life is endangered as he tries to stop the terrorist. But the innocent lieutenant’s death is no laughing matter. As we write this posting for our blog, our country’s finest soldiers are in harm’s way across the globe. Our prayers go up to God for these patriots.
Ducky is deeply moved by the dead sailor’s children and he decides to fund their college scholarships. In the final two scenes, suspense escalates. It’s a bit creepy as Gibbs cleans his gun while Abby shuffles into the lab. His rushing out foreshadow his mission to exact justice. Then he hustles into the squad room where everyone is standing on their feet. We think even Alfred Hitchcock would be proud to put his name on this show. And putting Harper Dearing at the top of NCIS’ most wanted list means Gibbs won’t stop until he stops Dearing in his insane quest to kill.
Are you going to watch the Season 10 opener? Let us know what you are looking forward to seeing. Here are a few tidbits we’ve uncovered that should get your mind flowing. All the actors including Mark Harmon are returning. Robert Wagner will be featured as will Joe Spano (Tobias Fornell). Watch for Billy Dee Williams to saunter on the screen to give us an idea of why Gibbs has the name, Leroy Jethro. In the first show, Ziva and Tony are in the elevator after the terrorist bomb has exploded in the Navy yard. The team will be hunting down Harper Dearing. What other surprises may be in store?
Be Blessed,
Diane and David