Sins of the Father
“David, while you were a Special Agent with the earlier version of NCIS, did any of your fellow Agents have a father like Tony DiNozzo’s?”
“As I watched last night’s episode, I tried to remember any family dramas that were similar. For the most part my fellow agents were so focused on working cases and solving crimes, that we didn’t really know much about what was going on in each other’s lives. But, when another Special Agent was killed, wounded, or incapacitated, or if their spouse was ill, then the team came together to care for each other.
There was one incident where a fellow Special Agent’s stay at home wife got involved as a community activist and as a result, she and her family, including her husband, received threats. But we never experienced anything so exciting as DiNozzo and DiNozzo versus NCIS. What a hoot.”
Mark Harmon is maturing in his role at Tony’s father. In fact, Gibbs’ concern for the “very Special Agent” is touching and worth watching. The team’s leader is more of a father to Tony than Anthony DiNozzo Sr. is. Despite his father’s struggles, Tony sincerely cares for his father and wants him to have a better life. What Gibbs told DiNozzo, Sr. is priceless: “You don’t get it. Tony never wanted your money; he wants a father.”
The way the writers worked in JAG was cool and we’d like to see some of the old characters from JAG reappear on NCIS. What do you think?
There is a Father who cares for you. For that we give thanks. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.
Diane and David