We are way overdue in writing to y’all. Many readers have asked when our twelfth book is coming out. As you can see from the attached graphic, we have been hard at work on a new book while locked in our house due to Covid-19. This is one positive thing for us to come from the Pandemic. And we also give thanks to God for His many blessings and protection, and we pray you are doing well.

So, we are writing on the next thriller even as we are typing this blog. Please do not Google and expect to find “Justice Unmasked,” as you won’t find it. At least, not authored by us. When we wrote “North by Starlight,” we wanted to use the title “Malice Unmasked” partly because we included a thread about China stealing U.S. rare earth minerals. But, at that very same time, Gen. Michael Flynn was “unmasked” by persons in our Intelligence Community.  So, we decided that wouldn’t make a good title.  Based on recent revelations about misconduct on the part of the FBI and our Intelligence Community, it appears the scheme might have been lifted from the pages of one of our novels.

Now, fast-forward to early this year when we began going full throttle in writing “Justice Unmasked.” Our new novel includes the return of Eva Montanna and Griff Topping as they investigate corruption and espionage aimed at our country, during a time when Eva’s casual acquaintance, Professor John Lapp, is discovering unknown facts about his adoption as a child and it’s impact upon him as an adult. Stay tuned! We can’t say more as the rest of the story is embargoed!

So, why will the working title of “Justice Unmasked” not be the final title of our new book? When this new book is released in time for Christmas, people might still be shopping, working, attending school, and church while wearing protective masks. Will they want to buy a book about being unmasked? We wouldn’t want to and we assume others won’t either. So, the new book now has the ‘working title’ of “Justice Revealed”, and further blogs from us, will announce the final name of the new book. Whether we ever get to use “Unmasked” in a book title depends on the storyline for our thirteenth thriller. And that dear friends, is a story for another time!

Please stay safe and may God protect you all!

In His Grip,
Diane and David Munson