Critique of 2/7/12 NCIS – “Life Before His Eyes”

This 200th episode of NCIS was meant to be a montage of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ life, played brilliantly by Mark Harmon. Reminiscent of Jimmy Stewart’s role in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Gibbs sees his past flow through his mind at the speed of light when a diner fires a shot at him. The bullet hangs [...]

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Contest – Win your copy of “The Joshua Covenant”

The 200th episode (“Life Before His Eyes”) of NCIS airs on February 7 on CBS, featuring many people from Gibbs’ past. Between now and February 6, 2012, leave a comment here on the blog as to who you’d like to see reappear on that show. On February 8th, we will have a drawing from the [...]

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