Those who are checking our blog to read our critique of tonight’s NCIS episode must have forgotten tonight is the first game of the World Series and the Chicago Cubs first participation in too many years. So we’ll be watching the Cubs tonight, instead of NCIS’ annual gory Halloween episode.

We are often asked if the FBI is as corrupt as it has appeared of late, and as is alluded to by myriad of news reports. David was a DEA agent in Chicago and prior to that he was a support person at the Chicago FBI office while attending college. That’s another reason we are supporting the Cubs. Yesterday’s article in the Bradenton Herald (the original article is by Washington Post reporters Lenny Bernstein and Scott Higham), about obstructions of DEA’s efforts to crack down on opioid peddling, reveals that Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice may be interfering in DEA investigations. It’s happening to the FBI also. We’ve had the greatest respect for the FBI and their centuries of non-partisanship. But the evidence is building that in the last few years the leadership of the FBI is being bullied to change their historic methods of investigation. As evidence, we point to numerous news reports of leaks coming from career (non-political appointees) personnel to confirm the FBI Director/leadership could be yielding to political pressure following former President Clinton’s private meeting with Attorney General Lynch during the time the former president’s wife was under investigation by the FBI. This evidence speaks for itself.

Since the current president has been in office, he has had an influence on the drug epidemic. He himself admitted to drug use as a youth. He’s emptied Federal prisons of drug dealers convicted of drug dealing by claiming too many “nonviolent drug users” were in prison. Based on David’s experience, the Federal prisons contain “drug dealers” and not “drug users”, and violence totally permeates the drug dealing culture.

Based on the article below, there is evidence to suggest the current epidemic of drug overdoes deaths may be the result of the Obama Administration Department of Justice obstructing the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) attempts to control the flow of pharmaceutical drugs onto the streets through legitimate companies. The article to which we are linking supports the position that Attorney General Lynch’s office has yielded to lobbying by pharmaceutical companies to bridle the long established methods to prevent the diversion of opioids to drug addicts. As the article points out, this leads to greater use of heroin and other addicting drugs. This is so disturbing, and we wanted to share it with you all.

Now go watch some baseball!

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson