In tonight’s episode, a rebroadcast, the Special Agents investigate a strange murder of a Navy Lieutenant who died of forced over-hydration. David was really engrossed in “Thirst.” He was commenting on the authenticity of events. Right after the gun shop employee lied to Gibb’s about not having seen the victim in weeks, McGee found a video of the two together the night before behind the gun shop. When Gibbs and company confronted the gun shop employee behind his gun shop, he resisted and was in possession of Russian grenades. “Great!” David proclaimed. “The agents found the grenades incident to a lawful arrest. They were discovered lawfully without a search warrant.”
“But, why did they arrest him?” Diane asked. “Those grenades will probably be thrown out as evidence.”
David thought for a moment. “It all depends how the reports are written. The agents went to the gun shop to arrest the man for making a false statement to a Federal agent, and the grenades were discovered incidental a lawful arrest, so the evidence is lawfully seized.”
So, we were both intently following the events, and we were not expecting to be “tricked.” But the NCIS writers threw us all a curve. David always says that “every good suspense needs a little romance.” Tonight the writers turned the table and tricked us with a romance, fueling the suspense. We hope Ducky’s new love interest never returns.
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Stay tuned for some news about Pauley Perette, in next week’s blog.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David