retteGood evening all. Were you entertained? Tonight’s episode of NCIS, “Enemy on the Hill,” was like so many of their shows: well written with the discerning viewer in mind. Their writers are razor sharp and right on, most of the time. The plots are intricate, believable, and not dumbed down to the third grade level. Sometimes we feel like the NCIS writers have been reading our biographies and thriller manuscripts. Why?

David could especially relate to tonight’s episode, as he was assigned as a Congressional Fellow for two years in Washington, D.C., and did some of the same things, in some of the same places in the Capitol as to as tonight’s Naval attaché. Also, next month our newest thriller, The Joshua Covenant, will appear in stores and on our website. In it, CIA Agent Bo Rider discovers new family secrets, just as Abby did tonight.

The woman whose picture is in Abby’s locket, is Pauley Perrette’s (Abby) real mother who died in 2002. We think this is just the beginning for Abby’s search for family. Didn’t her brother look just like her? The actor is Daniel Louis Rivas, Pauley’s former boyfriend in real life. Everyone told them they looked like brother and sister, so she started a Twitter campaign to get him on the show. It worked!! And on the show he also loves puppies and animals. Of course, if he really donated a kidney, he may have to stay away from animals. That is what a doctor friend told us tonight. (By the way, we dedicated our second thriller, Confirming Justice to two people we know who donated their kidney, one to her sister and the other to a stranger. This is the epitome of love that Christ showed us.)

How is NCIS mirroring our writing and lives? Have they inserted a spy in the offices of our publisher? Or, maybe we have a spy in the office of their producer. Maybe it’s just that “great NCIS minds think alike.” Bottom line … Tonight’s was a really good show.

And there are enemies among us, as the arrests today involving Iranian “hit men” reveal. Stay tuned!

Be Blessed,
Diane and David