When the creators of NCIS decided to create the now popular show, they were building on the success of JAG. What might be better than JAG? We know, bring the excitement of military action and service members in uniform, combining it with good old ‘cops and robbers’ set in a metropolitan area like Washington, D.C. It’s proven to be a successful program, but is plagued by a recurring problem. To maintain its authenticity, the show must remain true to the mission of NCIS. Many folks are surprised to learn there really is an organization called NCIS. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is the ‘detective bureau’, so to speak of the Navy. While the military police investigate misdemeanor matters for the Navy, all felonies are investigated by NCIS. The problem for the producers of the show is that NCIS only investigates crimes committed by Navy and Marine Corp (or Corpse as their Commander-in-Chief thinks they’re called) on military bases. Normally, crimes committed by Navy personnel off-base are investigated by local LEOs (law enforcement officers). Last night’s “Defiance” had the writers doing contortions in order to write the story about protecting a foreign dignitary. What did you think of the “Defiance” repeat from last season?
A fun tidbit: The real Belgravia is a swanky district in central London and one of the wealthiest areas in the world. Not so fun was the Marine guard’s death in the fictional nation of Belgravia by a homicide bomber. His murder while doing his duty has us feeling deeply for all of our troops who put their lives at risk to keep us safe. The bomber, with no feelings for anyone other than himself and his twisted agenda, defies morality by his act of cowardice. That unravels as the story progresses, with the daughter of the Defense Minister getting caught up in politics. Of course, Adrianna casts her pretty eyes on McGee, who once again falls for looks. This Special Agent needs to realize how special he is and should delve into the quality of the person and not be swept up by flattery. Sigh.
McGee and Tony’s “babysitting” role goes amuck when Adrianna dupes them, taking part in her own kidnapping, all to defy her father and keep him from signing a defense treaty. Such acts of terror happen in places where great darkness keeps the light of truth from shining. David pegged the college kid from the beginning. Turns out the kid kills his cohort/professor, becoming greedy for millions of dollars. Gibbs defies Vance’s orders to not investigate the Marine’s death and goes for broke. Thanks to some fine sleuthing by Tony in Adrianna’s apartment, he finds her drowned cell phone, which Abby dries out in rice. Good work y’all. Gibbs takes it from there and interrogates the bomb maker, pretending to want to help him. When this creep spills his guts, Gibbs pulls the plug, refusing to cut a deal because he killed a Marine. Adrianna is freed and suffers no consequences as she has “diplomatic immunity”. (We explore the intricacies of diplomatic immunity in our thriller Hero’s Ransom.)
What’s with Vance and Gibbs? Has their distrust for each other fully played out? We wonder and would like to know what you think. For the upcoming New Year, we will have some fun things on this NewsWrap, so sharpen your NCIS memories and stay tuned. Be Blessed,
Diane and David