While we await the finale installment of last week’s NCIS two installment episode, we are writing to keep the other NCIS groupies like ourselves, aware of several things.

First, if you haven’t yet watched the January 8th episode of “Shabbat Shalom” we recommend that you do. Our critique left much unsaid because we didn’t want to spoil the powerful surprises. We’d love to know your reaction to the show. This coming Tuesday, January 15th, will conclude what will surely change lives on the show forever. Because we have a commitment that prevents us from watching the episode (we refuse to buy a recording device), the critique that evening will be written by Martha Rogers, a writer and author, who also subscribes to this blog. You may have read Martha’s insightful remarks in the comment section.  We trust there will be many comments posted on Wednesday the 16th, including ours! The NCIS writers continue to surprise and amaze us viewers with heart-pounding drama.

Secondly, you may remember we announced earlier that we’d be holding a blind draw of email addresses to this blog once we have one hundred persons receiving the blog. When that happens, we will send an official NCIS black cap (just like the ones you see Ziva and Tony wearing) to the winner. Currently, sixty-eight of you receive this blog posting. Thirty-two more people need to subscribe, and then we’ll draw the name and announce who will receive the cap. So tell your friends and if they subscribe, they too are eligible to win.

Lastly, many of our friends and readers keep asking about our next novel. We are busy writing and are pleased to reveal that our next thriller, Stolen Legacy, will be released this coming fall. During a recent interview by Patti Shene, we were asked about our current project and also what lead us to write Night Flight. You can read this fun interview, which appears on Stars Song Online Magazine, by following this link: http://www.pattishene.com/starsongsmagazine/70/1

May your 2013 be blessed with answered prayer.

Diane and David Munson