Last month we announced our latest novel North by Starlight is being released on November 13, 2018 and that the featured character is Attorney Madison Stone, whom many readers remember from Hero’s Ransom. Many of you have already ordered your copy, which will be shipped by November 13th. We are also excited to announce Hero’s Ransom and our new ‘inspirational romantic suspense’ North by Starlight are being recorded as audio books, especially for those of you who like a good story, but don’t enjoy or unable to read print, or those who can multi task at work and listen to a good novel.

In this newsletter, we are pleased to introduce you to Justin Wimberly, the compelling voice you will hear in our audible books. Just as we were insistent that our books would not be published by a company whose reputation would distract from the wholesomeness of our books, Justin Wimberly was interested in recording a book that would be free from gratuitous language, sex, and violence, and that wouldn’t differ from his Christian values. When we discovered Justin was available to record our books, we were delighted, as was he, that God had brought us together to provide you with family friendly high quality entertainment.

Many heartfelt thanks to Justin for taking the time away from his wife, children, and service to his church to complete the audio recording of Hero’s Ransom. It’s now available at,, and at You can order your copy from at this