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Maybe Our Books are Too Believable

We often describe our books as ‘factional fiction,’ or ‘high velocity suspense’. When asked, we tell readers that we try to write novels (especially the law enforcement and criminal justice aspects) so they will have a realistic picture of the dangers FBI, NCIS, and DEA agents face in their careers as well as an inside [...]

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The other day, we stopped at a bookstore to look for birthday cards and books. Do you know what we saw displayed on the front doors? Beautiful green wreaths decorated with red bows. We both said, “It’s Christmas in July!” We try to write novels for folks who ‘want the very best’ and that [...]

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It’s Been Too Long

It’s been too long since we’ve blogged. And yes, we are still writing novels. So let’s get caught up! Many of you have written asking about our NCIS critiques. For those of you who have followed our critiques of the original NCIS show, know the producers of the show also launched a Los Angeles (LA) [...]

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What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What's wrong with this picture? Some would say the above creche can’t be on Government property because it is a religious symbol. We could win a court argument about that, as the baby Jesus has been replaced by a dog. Others might argue that dogs have become some peoples’ gods, and there are statistics [...]

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Mid-Summer Update

Much has happened in American foreign policy during the latter years of the Obama Administration and the transition into the Trump Administration. Recently, President Trump rolled back some of the regulations that President Obama had loosened for the Communist government in Cuba, just ninety miles from Key West, Florida. TheMiami Herald ran a story revealing [...]

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