Night FlightNight Flight: Truth Seekers

by Diane And David Munson

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  • Paperback: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Micah House Media (August 20, 2012)
  • Language: English
About The Book:

Glenna and Gregg Rider want a puppy. Instead, their father adopts Blaze, a mature dog. The teens are shocked when Blaze confronts some criminals making counterfeit money. The men are arrested and the teens learn what their parents never told them: Blaze is a retired law enforcement dog. Glenna and Gregg take refuge at their grandparents’ home in Treasure Island, Florida where their lives become filled with mystery and intrigue. When the teens put Blaze to work as a crime fighter, they risk losing the dog they love. Hold on for thrills as Blaze reveals a surprising twist.

What others are saying:

The Dove Foundation has awarded Night Flight their prestigious five dove seal, stating, “This book should appeal to the teen market… and might reach some young adults too. It’s nice that the book’s story is orchestrated in a family-friendly way. The conclusion of the story is powerful!”

5/5 Stars Rating of “Night Flight” by 15-year-old Esther Seim on Clash Entertainment:

“Though teen siblings Glenna and Gregg Rider wanted a puppy, they are still thrilled when they get Blaze, a fully matured dog. With Blaze’s help, they unravel a mystery greater than they ever imagined, all the while making new friends and strengthening their faith in God. This book is great! It’s definitely a page-turner that will keep you on your toes. Glenna and Gregg’s contrasting personalities sure do make for some entertaining moments. Even when I had to put the book down mid-story, I was always trying to figure out its mystery. Great read for any age! Age Range: 12 and older.”