Confirming JusticeConfirming Justice

by Diane And David Munson

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  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Micah House Media, LLC; 2 edition (September 1, 2009)
  • Language: English

About The Book:

In Confirming Justice, Federal Judge Dwight Pendergast presides over a bribery case involving the son of a cabinet secretary. Suddenly the key prosecution witness disappears. When FBI agent Griffin Topping is brought in to locate the witness he soon finds his life in peril. Meantime, across town in the White House, the President is about to nominate Judge Pendergast to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

In a race against time Agent Topping risks everything to save the case while opponents of the nomination attempt to expose deeply held family secrets concerning the judge.

Featuring a mix of plot twists, legal intrigue and fast-paced suspense, Confirming Justice is sure to be a popular and satisfying read for those wanting a realistic portrayal of what can go on behind the scenes at the center of power.

What People Are Saying

“An intricate plot, enriched with details only Washington insiders could know, this book takes readers behind the closed doors of justice to reveal a sinister scheme. Excellent writing and an exciting story line create an atmosphere pulsing with the heady aphrodisiac of power….” —In The Library Reviews

“The Munsons’ understanding of human nature, and especially the criminal mind, gives their writing depth, heart and velocity. Their keen knowledge of their subject matter and their skill as suspense writers, make for a truly delightful read.” —The Seminole Tribune, Florida

“I’ve read your first two books and loved every minute of them. I just today, finished reading the second book, Confirming Justice, and it was so good. In college I am studying Criminal Justice and I am having fun with it. I hope you write another book.” —Erin from IL

“Finished Confirming Justice on a recent TDY (that’s government lingo for a temporary assignment). It was great! Very refreshing to read a fiction/suspense with no trash. I loved the Christian emphasis and strongly recommend to fellow agents.” —Dan, a federal agent in TX

“I just finished reading your books – I loved them. I loved Dwight Pendergast and his deep interest in George Washington and his self proclaimed grease-monkey persona. I especially appreciate your all encompassing theme of forgiveness. I loved Facing Justice also – It’s just that I JUST finished Confirming Justice. Quit your day jobs! Keep writing!” —Sondra from FL