2014 May 06 NCIS Critique of “The Admiral’s Daughter”

Did y’all enjoy the twists in tonight’s episode? We love plots involving spies, especially when Tony busts the spy ring. When an admiral’s daughter goes off the rails and gets her photo splashed all over a gossip magazine, very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo is tasked with bringing her home from France. A French police detective [...]

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2014 Apr 08 NCIS Critique of “Page Not Found”

“Very” Special Agent Timothy McGee and Special Agent Tony DiNozzo pushed the action forward in this superb episode, with the rest of the team playing backup. Even Gibbs has a minor role as NCIS battles the CIA for jurisdiction in tracking down who murdered Navy Lieutenant Kit Jones in Budapest. McGee’s pretty and talented girlfriend, [...]

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2012 Nov 13 NCIS Critique of “Shell Shock,” Part 1 of 2 parts

We start with a warning. Be careful to not watch the second installment of Shell Shock which will air on November 20 until you’ve first watched this November 13th episode. Tonight’s episode of Shell Shock (Part 1) is another one of the great ones. While on leave in Washington, DC, USMC Capt. Joe Westcott experiences [...]

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