2013 Nov 19 NCIS Critique of “Gut Check”

We are very interested in hearing your reaction to tonight’s episode of NCIS. Long time fans will recognize that both Kate (Secret Service) and Ziva (Mossad) had worked with Gibbs and his team before Gibbs recruited (or stole) them away from their agencies. As we watched tonight, we kept wondering how NSA analyst Ellie Bishop [...]

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2012 Oct 09 NCIS Critique of “Phoenix”

On most nights, NCIS investigates incidents that are not too far-fetched. Until tonight at least. While most NCIS Special Agents very seldom meet and work with a medical examiner (because not that many sailors or marine are murdered), the writers created a character who is the medical examiner. As we all know, this squad of [...]

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2012 Oct 02 NCIS Critique of “Recovery”

In the second NCIS show of Season 10, the second episode since NCIS headquarters (HQ) was bombed by Harper Dearing at the end of Season 9, the team struggles to return to normal. The writers skillfully fashion suspense when Midge Watkins, an HQ armory staffer, is found dead in her submerged car. She was last [...]

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2012 May 08 NCIS Critique of “Up in Smoke”

Psy Ops anyone? NCIS writers are setting off many fireworks this season, with four episodes relating directly to each other. “Rekindled” lit the fuse, revealing how Tony’s saving a child from a burning building leads to him becoming a Baltimore cop. In “Playing with Fire”, the explosive plot continues where Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads the [...]

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