How Not To Set Your Car Afire!

NEVER DO THIS!!! You’ve heard it said, “She’s more than just a pretty face.” Well, the Two ExFeds New Wrap is more than just an NCIS blog. Because we write Christian suspense novels, we might occasionally mention our book, but we will also comment on new items of interest or matters of law and justice [...]

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2013 April 30 NCIS Critique of “Revenge”

Leroy Jethro Gibbs sought and exacted revenge against the drug smuggler who killed his wife and child. That all happened in his past, but in tonight’s episode, Gibbs knows up close and personal what is fueling Ziva David and Leon Vance to stop Ilan Bodnar at all costs. The suspense is non-stop. The entire NCIS [...]

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Critique of NCIS episode Psych Out, first run on 2-21-12

Before we begin critiquing “Psych Out,” tonight’s episode of NCIS that first ran on February 21, 2012, we want to share our good news. Our latest novel “Night Flight,” releases in stores on September 4, 2012. “Night Flight” tells the story of CIA agent Bo Rider’s teenagers, who are introduced to readers in our sixth [...]

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Rebroadcast of Devil’s Triangle on March 13, 2012

Since last night’s broadcast of NCIS was a repeat, we thought we’d start out by sharing a little trivia about Pauley Perrette’s (Abby Sciuto) new business venture. She and two friends have opened a Southern Bakery in Manhattan. Using her mother’s recipes for baked goods, the trio has opened the bakery named after Pauley’s mother, [...]

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NCIS – Enemy on a Hill, Critique of Rerun

Last night's episode was preempted in part due to the Florida primary results. It originally aired on October 11, 2011 and we're enduring the reruns as we await next week's 200th episode. Be sure to leave a comment on this blog if you want to be entered in the contest to win one of three [...]

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Critique of NCIS “Newborn King” 12-13-11

“Newborn King” is a wonderful title to herald in the Christmas season. This latest show contained many references to the birth of Christ, without showing the Nativity directly. Did you like the show? We enjoyed it immensely. David chuckled at the initial comment by the hotel clerk when the Navy Commander came looking for a [...]

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Sins of the Father-NCIS Comments

Sins of the Father “David, while you were a Special Agent with the earlier version of NCIS, did any of your fellow Agents have a father like Tony DiNozzo’s?” “As I watched last night’s episode, I tried to remember any family dramas that were similar. For the most part my fellow agents were so focused [...]

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NCIS Episode, “Engagement” Part II

We felt that two incidents made for a good conclusion to this two part episode. First, Gibbs and Vance in their interrogation of a terrorist tricked him into thinking his brother and sister had both been killed, leading to admissions on his part. The terrorist knew that there wasn’t much NCIS could do to him. [...]

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“At least we didn’t pay admission.” That was David’s response when he realized tonight’s episode was a prequel to be completed next week. He once bought a novel and toward the end realized the full story wouldn’t be revealed in the first book. He had to buy a second novel to learn the ending. He’s [...]

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A Tricky Thirst

“Thirst” We watched tonight’s episode of NCIS together. David was really engrossed in “Thirst.” He was commenting on the authenticity of events: Right after the gun shop employee lied to Gibbs about not having seen the victim in weeks, McGee found a video of the two together the night before behind the gun shop. When [...]

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