2015 Sept 22 NCIS Critique of “Stop The Bleeding”

Have you been waiting for the beginning of Season Thirteen of the NCIS show as we have? One of the key questions was if and how would Leroy Jethro Gibbs would survive the shooting at the end of Season Twelve. Since he and others of the cast had already signed their contracts for the new [...]

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2014 Oct 28 NCIS Critique of “Parental Guidance Suggested”

Knowing tonight’s show was airing during Halloween week, we expected something gory and it turned out better than we expected. Really, if the producers wanted something demonic and evil for Halloween, what better venue than New Orleans? Based on the “ghoulish” preview, we’re skipping that one. In this episode of NCIA, the banter about costumes [...]

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2014 Oct 14 NCIS Critique of “Choke Hold”

First thing we did while watching tonight’s show was to find who wrote the script. His name is Christopher Waild. Initially, we concluded that he wasn’t a good writer because the beginning was mostly meaningless college frat-type trash talk. Things did improve though, especially the ending. As suspense authors, it was fun for us to [...]

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2014 Oct 07 NCIS Critique of “So It Goes”

Another good show. In some ways, it was like every other good crime show. An Albanian mobster and assassin inserts his own people into various supply commands in the Navy and Marine Corps so that they can divert military supplies to the black market. But the rest of the show appealed to the women viewers [...]

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2014 Sept 30 NCIS Critique of “Kill The Messenger”

This episode was really a fun one. Great script writing. It’s creative when the victim’s cell phone starts ringing inside the evidence bag. Also hilarious is when Tony has a verbal exchange with an anonymous caller demanding, “You first ‘wise acre’,” and it turns out to be “The President.” What a hoot. We enjoyed seeing [...]

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2014 Sept 23 NCIS Critique of “Twenty Klicks”

It seemed like a long summer without our team lead by Mark Harmon, who plays NCIS agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Indeed, it was a long summer of simmering tensions around the world. Anticipating tonight’s episode, we wondered what tough and tender issues the NCIS writers might tackle. We had heard rumors of a Russian bad [...]

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2014 Apr 29 NCIS Critique of “Shooter”

We both agree: This episode reveals great investigative work by the NCIS team, especially from Abby. It is certainly her night to shine. Gibbs et. al. are determined to discover who murdered Marine photographer Roe, known as the “Shooter”. Is the Army lieutenant who shot a militant overseas to blame because he wants to avoid [...]

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2014 Apr 15 NCIS Critique of “Alleged”

Tonight’s episode deals with a difficult subject. The writers toss in some fun and intriguing aspects to lighten the mood. “Alleged” tackles an issue that is a problem in the Navy right now—sexual assault. David has said many times since we’ve started writing our critiques that many of his cases while with NIS (the original [...]

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2014 Apr 08 NCIS Critique of “Page Not Found”

“Very” Special Agent Timothy McGee and Special Agent Tony DiNozzo pushed the action forward in this superb episode, with the rest of the team playing backup. Even Gibbs has a minor role as NCIS battles the CIA for jurisdiction in tracking down who murdered Navy Lieutenant Kit Jones in Budapest. McGee’s pretty and talented girlfriend, [...]

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2014 Apr 01 NCIS Critique of “Crescent City II”

After last week’s episode of “Crescent City I”, reviews were positive and should have encouraged the NCIS’ producers as they seek to launch the New Orleans show on CBS. Those of you who responded to our last blog seem to agree. The bottom line for us is that this cast and setting are more like [...]

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