U.S. Marines Still Worship

We send this inspiring video as evidence that some of our soldiers going into battle will be doing so with God at their side. We also want to remind everyone the new season of NCIS begins this coming Tuesday night, September 23, 2014. As usual, we will post our critique on this blog, following the [...]

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2013 Nov 12 NCIS Critique of “Alibi”

Tonight was a milestone. We’ve had two weeks in a row of really great drama, and neither of them depended on the departed Cote de Pablo acting as Ziva. The one-liners kept us laughing, (e.g., Detective Dockery tells Tony to tell Gibbs, “Hickory’s son says hello) and the way the evidence was revealed piece by [...]

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Rebroadcast of Devil’s Triangle on March 13, 2012

Since last night’s broadcast of NCIS was a repeat, we thought we’d start out by sharing a little trivia about Pauley Perrette’s (Abby Sciuto) new business venture. She and two friends have opened a Southern Bakery in Manhattan. Using her mother’s recipes for baked goods, the trio has opened the bakery named after Pauley’s mother, [...]

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Sins of the Father-NCIS Comments

Sins of the Father “David, while you were a Special Agent with the earlier version of NCIS, did any of your fellow Agents have a father like Tony DiNozzo’s?” “As I watched last night’s episode, I tried to remember any family dramas that were similar. For the most part my fellow agents were so focused [...]

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