“At least we didn’t pay admission.” That was David’s response when he realized tonight’s episode was a prequel to be completed next week. He once bought a novel and toward the end realized the full story wouldn’t be revealed in the first book. He had to buy a second novel to learn the ending. He’s [...]

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Tonight’s opinion and insight on NCIS

retteGood evening all. Were you entertained? Tonight’s episode of NCIS, “Enemy on the Hill,” was like so many of their shows: well written with the discerning viewer in mind. Their writers are razor sharp and right on, most of the time. The plots are intricate, believable, and not dumbed down to the third grade level. [...]

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NCIS – Revealed

One of the disadvantages of writing Christian, family friendly novels, is that we sometimes don’t have time for relaxing and watching TV. CBS’ hit show had been on for many seasons before Diane’s sister asked our opinion of the show. Truthfully, we had never watched NCIS. At her recommendation, we did and have been a [...]

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