2014 Oct 14 NCIS Critique of “Choke Hold”

First thing we did while watching tonight’s show was to find who wrote the script. His name is Christopher Waild. Initially, we concluded that he wasn’t a good writer because the beginning was mostly meaningless college frat-type trash talk. Things did improve though, especially the ending. As suspense authors, it was fun for us to [...]

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2013 Mar 19 NCIS Critique of “Seek”

“Seek”, the eighteenth episode of the tenth season of NCIS, is directed by Michael Weatherly. In this episode, Michael had to play his role as Tony DiNozzo in front of the camera and then step behind the camera as the director. What great experience and we wonder where it will lead for him. This episode [...]

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2013 Feb 26 NCIS Critique of “Detour”

The opening scene where a U.S. Naval Officer shows up bloody and wobbling as a woman needs her drains unplugged is reminiscent of “Blazing Saddles” or “City Slickers.” Only tonight’s comedic opener foreshadows a disastrous turn for Jimmy and Ducky. And why did Lt. Gordon Roth die? Jimmy Palmer says it best: “Death by drain [...]

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2012 Dec 18 NCIS Critique of “You Better Watch Out”

Though we’ve never given out stars on our NCIS blog, in our view tonight’s performances earn four and a half stars. In this Christmas episode, NCIS writers give us a touching and heartwarming family story. Occasionally the producers feature a popular Hollywood star, which generates excitement among certain viewers. When Jamie Lee Curtis appeared on [...]

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