2012 Oct 30 NCIS Critique of “The Namesake”

We tip our hats to the writers and producers of tonight’s episode, “The Namesake.” While most episodes are charged with rough and tumble law enforcement, this show gave Mark Harmon an opportunity to exhibit the full range of his acting ability; showing his tenderness, compassion for a former Marine, and love for his father. We [...]

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2012 Oct 23 Critique of NCIS episode “Lost at Sea”

Tonight’s NCIS episode is a hit! Fresh twists had us scratching our heads. Who is behind the killing of the chopper pilot? And why? Something smells like a rotten mackerel with the survivors. We love it when Diane Neal appears because she is an intense investigator who has a laser-like focus that is familiar. You [...]

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2012 Sept 11Critique of NCIS episode “Up in Smoke” (first shown 5/08/12)

As NCIS fans are waiting with baited breath to learn what happened to Gibbs and Company when a bomb explodes outside their office, the repeat of the next to the last episode of season nine, sets the stage for the upcoming bombing. For those fans that have not hidden their dislike of Dr. Samantha Ryan [...]

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Critique of 2012 Aug 28 NCIS – “Rekindled” first aired on April 17, 2012

When the rerun of April 17, 2012's NCIS episode "Rekindled" ran on Tuesday night August 28, 2012, were you watching? Or, were you watching the Republican National Convention on other channels? For those who watched NCIS, we are posting our critique of the episode. Michael Weatherly lit a fire as the Special Agent investigating an [...]

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2012 Jul 17 Critique of rerun of NCIS episode, “Safe Harbor”

We have some great news for NCIS fans. Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, and Sean Murray have each signed contracts to reappear on NCIS this fall! The whole team will be together once again for another two years. Season 9’s last episode ended with a bang—NCIS Headquarters is blown up. So with the crew all signing [...]

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