2013 Apr 23 NCIS Critique of “Berlin”

As we watched tonight’s “Berlin” episode, it was reminiscent of last season’s final weeks. If this is becoming a season ending pattern, we like it. Instead of corny shows involving the investigation of a body that falls into someone’s yard, we are watching intrigue that occurs between agencies and even between governments. We probably like [...]

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Rebroadcast of Devil’s Triangle on March 13, 2012

Since last night’s broadcast of NCIS was a repeat, we thought we’d start out by sharing a little trivia about Pauley Perrette’s (Abby Sciuto) new business venture. She and two friends have opened a Southern Bakery in Manhattan. Using her mother’s recipes for baked goods, the trio has opened the bakery named after Pauley’s mother, [...]

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Critique of 2/14/12 NCIS – “Secrets”

Did Tony receive a special Valentine’s gift as he faced off with his former girlfriend, or did he receive something else, like insight into his lonely life? Because David served as a Special Agent with NCIS, friends asked us last night if the latest episode was realistic. Here is David’s brief take: In real life, [...]

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Sins of the Father-NCIS Comments

Sins of the Father “David, while you were a Special Agent with the earlier version of NCIS, did any of your fellow Agents have a father like Tony DiNozzo’s?” “As I watched last night’s episode, I tried to remember any family dramas that were similar. For the most part my fellow agents were so focused [...]

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“At least we didn’t pay admission.” That was David’s response when he realized tonight’s episode was a prequel to be completed next week. He once bought a novel and toward the end realized the full story wouldn’t be revealed in the first book. He had to buy a second novel to learn the ending. He’s [...]

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Critique of NCIS Safe Harbor 10/18/11

The title for the 10/18/11 NCIS episode was “Safe Harbor”. Were any of you surprised by the plot twists? Consider how the Lebanese father lied to Gibbs, over and over again, professing his innocence, only to be conspiring with his young son to kill. Based on our years of dealing with criminals (David nailed them [...]

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