2015 Mar 24 NCIS Critique of “Status Update”

We’re Back!!! For several weeks or months (we’re not sure) we’d been writing critiques on our blog, but unbeknown to us, those critiques were not getting mailed to you. Those of you who went to the blog, found our messages there, but it took us quite some time to correct the problem. If you go [...]

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2013 Oct 08 NCIS Critique of “Under the Radar”

A refreshing and lighthearted show! What a relief to see a post-Ziva episode that’s well written and produced. While the team makes a few references to Ziva’s empty desk, and her missed dental appointment, Gibbs sets the tone for future episodes. He reminds the team Ziva “wanted to move on, so let’s move on.” For [...]

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2013 Feb 05 NCIS Critique of “Canary”

Former NCIS Special Agent Leon Carroll Jr. is the technical advisor for the show. It is his job to advise the writers and producers about how things are actually done by special agents of the real NCIS. He usually does a superb job. Then there are episodes like tonight’s, which usually follow after some deeper [...]

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