Contest – Win your copy of “The Joshua Covenant”

The 200th episode (“Life Before His Eyes”) of NCIS airs on February 7 on CBS, featuring many people from Gibbs’ past. Between now and February 6, 2012, leave a comment here on the blog as to who you’d like to see reappear on that show. On February 8th, we will have a drawing from the [...]

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CIA assigned to U.S. embassy killed in Kabul

Sunday, September 25, 2011, a CIA employee was killed and another American was injured in Kabul, Afghanistan by an Afghan working at the embassy. These employees were assigned to the Embassy and working at a remote site in Kabul. The State Department refuses to acknowledge that the employee killed was CIA, which they always do, [...]

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In the Old Testament Book of Joshua, God promised the people of Israel that they would inhabit the land he was giving to them. In 1948, when the nation of Israel was created, Jewish people dispersed around the world began returning to their homeland. Many end times Bible scholars point to the creation of the [...]

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