2015 Oct 27 NCIS Critique of “Viral”

In tonight’s show, the NCIS team races to uncover whether the killing of a petty officer is traceable to the “Tri-State Serial Killer”, or if a copycat is on the loose. Margo Harshman returns as Agent Timothy McGee’s girlfriend, Delilah Fielding. Rocky Carroll, who plays Director Vance, gets another chance to direct an episode. How [...]

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2015 Oct 13 Critique of NCIS episode “Double Trouble”

What an excellent episode showcasing the NCIS agents’ techniques in solving the murder of a Navy seaman. We get to see Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his boss, Leon Vance working together to salvage Leon’s career. Despite political pressure, all ends well. Yet, we wonder if Gibbs will ever speak to Vance again. More on that [...]

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May 22, 2012- Scam Warning!! Unknown monthly charges.

The title of our blog, “Two ExFeds News Wrap, comments on crime, justice, and NCIS,” suggests we fill our lives with other things besides the most popular show on television. So during the summer months, we will comment on crime and justice, and other events we hope will interest our friends. If we have already [...]

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2012 Mar 27, Critique of “The Good Son”

We give two thumbs up to this NCIS episode, “The Good Son”. The sizzling plot turned out to be a nail biter, one so well written that the resolve fooled even the most astute viewer. Diane points out that in many episodes the development of suspects are predictable: The writers show the viewers two or [...]

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