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Facing Justice
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Facing Justice
by Diane And David Munson

Christian Fiction | Micah House Media | Trade Paper | First released Oct 05
Pages 352 | ISBN 9780982535509

About This Book...
In Facing Justice, Federal Agent Eva Montanna’s twin sister died at the Pentagon on 9/11. Eva dedicates her career to avenge her death while investigating Email Jubayl, a member of Eva’s church and CEO of Helpers International, who is accused of using his aid organization to funnel money to El Samoud, head of the Armed Revolutionary Cause, and successor to Al Qaeda. Family relationships are tested in this fast-paced, true-to-life legal thriller about the men and women who are racing to defuse the ticking time bomb of international terrorism.


What People Are Saying...
“Facing Justice deftly balances fact and fiction! The plot is contemporary enough to be on the evening news, while the characters possess an authenticity that's astonishing. The authors' personal knowledge brings a powerful element to this story. Diane Munson is a former Federal Prosecutor and David is a retired Federal Special Agent. Their insights infuse the characters with a sense of realism, while providing specialized details to an already exciting plot. The legal aspects and the planning stages of the investigative work allow readers a rare glimpse into this world.” —In The Library Reviews
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Facing Justice is somewhat of a cross between Clancy and Grisham here, with both military and legal suspense going on.” —Christian Fiction Review
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“I thoroughly enjoy Robert Whitlow’s books and found yours equally fascinating. I just couldn’t put Facing Justice down.” —Marcia from USA

“Couldn’t wait to finish Facing Justice. It was well written, well edited, and the faith aspects were not too sweet, as in some other Christian fiction. It was perfect. I’m going to read Confirming Justice next.” —Terry from TN

“I REALLY REALLY enjoyed your book! It was so good that I did not put it down… Literally. I went to my studio that night to paint and I decided to read your book a little before I started. Well I read all night! I got refills of tea and snacked on chips and read until I got to the end. Not only did the book captivate meit ministered to me too.” —M’rissa from FL

“I finished reading both books on the trip home. They are a great read and very intriguing. The characters are becoming like family as they go from one book to another. Keep up the good work!” —Sue from FL

"I have been very curious about our government system of late, and found 'Facing Justice' fascinating to understand much of the culture in our modern judicial system. On top of that, you have woven a fine story of suspense, thrills, excitement, and God's grace. Who knew they could all go together!" Harrison from CA

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