The law is fascinating. It can make a difference in one person’s life, which can change a neighborhood, a town, a country. Both of us have written extensively in our careers. In Diane’s legal briefs, she strove to make case law come alive to the facts of a case. David’s reports of investigations, the basis for his testimony before the judge and jury, had to be precise. When we helped develop policy for communities to handle youth gangs or memoranda on how our government should encourage enemies to defect, we were creative. Of course, we could be eloquent when seeking a pay raise, award, or promotion!

With David’s experiences as an agent, friends encouraged him to write down his interesting stories. Through the years, we’ve read many books in the genre, including John Grisham, Robert Whitlow, David Baldacci and others. After Diane began genealogy research of her ancestor’s emigration from Europe, she was moved to write a historical fiction based in Europe. Publishers encouraged her write a novel related to her and David’s careers, which birthed our collaboration on Facing Justice.