In the NCIS season nine premiere, we watched a series of flashbacks as Tony DiNozzo worked on a secret investigation for the Secretary of Navy, leading up to the end of last season. The flashbacks were skillfully done, but I realized that I was about to be disappointed by the failure to tie up loose ends by the end of the premier episode. As a reader who was once disappointed by an author who ended a book with unfinished business, to justify a sequel, I have vowed to never write a prequel. As a Special Agent for twenty seven years, I was tasked by the Director to conduct secret investigation, as were other Special Agents. As DiNozzo is discovering, it is nearly impossible to hide that from other super-sleuths. The most obvious technical flaw I noted in the premier, was that Tony working undercover on his secret assignment without any backup. Given a need for such an assignment, the Director would have assigned more than one Special Agent to the secretive case. It will be interesting to see the support that DiNozzo gets from Gibbs.
Be Blessed,
Diane and David