Some readers of this blog may have noticed that recently we’ve been more critical of some episodes of the original NCIS episodes staring Mark Harmon. At the same time, the launch of NICS NOLA has brought us some excellent shows, and we mentioned them in the conclusion of our critiques of Harmon’s shows. In fact, for the last two weeks we’ve featured the New Orleans show because we enjoyed those the best. Having both shows on Tuesday nights gives us that option. We found it compelling that tonight Mark Harmon, as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, devoted much of “Cabin Fever” to intervening in the life of FBI agent Tobias Fornell. Fornell was sinking into drink and depression after the untimely death of his wife Diane, who had also been married to Gibbs. She was killed by Sergei Mishnev the Russian/Palestinian, who we discovered tonight was the half-brother to Ziva David’s half-brother Ari. So tonight’s show dealt with interventions and family feuds.


Likewise, NCIS NOLA dealt with family issues and an intervention of a type as Agent Duane Pride’s father Cassius urges his son to write a supportive letter to help the elder Pride receive favorable consideration before the parole board. In that show, the family issue becomes intertwined with the murder of a Navy Petty officer, involved with jewel thieves. Agent Pride discovers that his imprisoned father has manipulated Pride’s daughter to visit her grandfather in prison.


Both were good shows, but the winner is … “Cabin Fever.” Gibbs defies Director Vance and takes Fornell to a remote cabin to sober him up and encourage him. Was anyone else surprised when the Russian Counsel tipped Sergei Mishnev on where to find Gibbs and Fornell? Wow what an ending. Here’s the ethical question. If Gibbs removed the bullets from the unconscious Mishnev’s gun without telling Fornell, was Fornell justified in shooting Misnev in self-defense? Now Gibbs and Fornell have even more in common. Both agents have shot and killed the man that killed their respective wives. Gibbs couldn’t have done Fornell a greater favor, and the nation as well. At least one crazy terrorist won’t kill anyone else.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson