Last night’s episode was preempted in part due to the Florida primary results. It originally aired on October 11, 2011 and we’re enduring the reruns as we await next week’s 200th episode. Be sure to leave a comment on this blog if you want to be entered in the contest to win one of three copies of our latest release, “The Joshua Covenant”, in honor of the anniversary show on February 7th. Comments so far reveal some fans want to see Harm from JAG reappear. How cool would that be? Many want Kate to show up also. We suspect she will be there along with Gibbs’ first wife and daughter. Who else do you think might flicker past?
Here are fresh thoughts about last night’s show:
NCIS’ “Enemy on the Hill” was excellent, one of our favorites from this season.The plot was intricate, weaving in several suspects. Sometimes we think the NCIS writers have been reading our bios and thriller manuscripts. Why? For several reasons. First, when David was assigned as a Congressional Fellow in Washington, D.C., he had some of the same tasks and frequented the same halls of the Capitol as the Naval attaché. (Of course, David was never the bad guy…)
Secondly, CIA Agent Bo Rider in our newest thriller, “The Joshua Covenant” (now in stores and availabe for purchase on our website) discovers new family secrets just as Abby does. His world is rocked and he has no Gibbs to turn to, but Bo does find answers in unexpected places.
Okay, we mentioned last October that the woman whose picture is in Abby’s locket, is Pauley Perrette’s (Abby) real mother. She apparently died in 2002. Also, the actor who played her brother looks so much like her. He is Daniel Louis Rivas, Pauley’s former boyfriend in real life. Because so many people insisted they looked like brother and sister, she launched a Twitter campaign to get him on the show. On a side note, in “Confirming Justice” we explore a character who has need of an organ transplant as Abby’s brother donated a kidney last night. Another highlight of the show occurred when Ziva brought the surly commander to the interrogation room and they “mistakenly” show him into the room where his lobbyist pal is spilling his guts. Great writing! Stay tuned to our blog and to NCIS. Make it a great day!
Diane and David Munson