Two minutes before tonight’s show began, one of our blog followers commented on this blog that she’d like to see Bishop replaced by Abigail Boren. Now, an hour later we learn Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop has survived and is being made a ‘probationary’ Special Agent. So, what do you think? Was this show sufficiently good to dampen demands to get rid of Bishop? Gibbs’ warming to the former NSA analyst is reminiscent of his recruiting Kate away from the Secret Service. Yet, in our opinion, as she’s currently being cast, Ellie is no Kate. We do feel this episode showed some of the old spark, with snappy exchanges and humor between DiNozzo and McGee. When DiNozzo wheels over to McGee, as a big brother, he draws from his teammate what is bothering him. It’s also heartening to see real investigative work from the entire team. We thought the raid, which captures Parsa in Pakistan, brought out the intensity of such a dramatic situation. Our pulses raced as we heard the shots. Would the soldiers be safe? Yes! Okay, the real guys out in dangerous places put their lives on the line to keep us safe. It was very well done indeed. Gibbs made another questionable decision, after blasting Bishop for not being truthful with him. Things turned out all right, leading him to offer Bishop the full-time job. Abby saved the day again in her Sherlock Holmes hat and her “It’s elementary, my dear Gibbs.” We’d like to see her receive more air time than Bishop as she has some great techniques for solving crimes without all the baggage. All in all, Mark Harmon makes the show work as well as it does. His insight that the monster and the man are the same in Parsa rings true. Also his rule Number 11, “When the job is done, walk away,” is a motto federal agents must follow. David did not bring cases home with him, nor did dwell on the bad guys. He says Bishop has to figure this out if she is to survive as an NCIS agent. She cannot continue playing mind games (as analysts are prone to do). So we conclude that this show is meant to be a turning point for the character and the team. Gibbs drew a line in the sand for Bishop. She took Tony’s advice and let Gibbs know she could be trusted. From here on out, she probably will be a better fit for this fantastic NCIS team. Writers, take a little hint. Let the next shows shine the light on Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Abby, Palmer, or Ducky. We know enough of Bishop’s back story. So she needs to recede and become part of the team, instead of being the “hot-dog.” Another fun factoid is that NCIS is building a spin-off show, executive produced by Mark Harmon, featuring the NCIS office in New Orleans. We’ll be watching for the premier to see if Gibbs has a role. What to you think? Be Blessed, Diane and David