First things first. Are we the only ones who suspect Special Agent Timothy McGee phoned Park Police Officer Burt and warned him that he should bring Abby some black roses before the two months was up?

Compared to some of the recent episodes of NCIS, Semper Fortis (meaning ‘aways brave’) was more low keyed. How did it compare to other episodes? Did the writer’s do a better job, an average job, or did they drop the ball in this episode? Do you wonder where we are going with these questions? We discovered tonight’s script wasn’t written by the usual writers. It was written by two assistant writers, and this was their debut episode.

These two writers discovered an anomaly in the law that results in members of the Navy Medical Corp being uncertified outside of the Navy, while Corp men and women from Army and Air Force are certified. They got permission to write this episode featuring this problem. We think they did a pretty good job. We like to see heroes at work. Anna Dillon, the Medic, is saved from prosecution through Gibbs’ insistence, with the help of a somewhat mysterious lawyer, obviously from Gibbs’ past. This was another chance for Mark Harmon, who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs to demonstrate his quiet but firm compassionate side.

The legal analysis was a bit thin from our viewpoint, and the sergeant for the Fairfax County Sheriff’s office seemed overeager to nail the hospital corpsman. Having lived in Fairfax County when we worked in D.C., we know the professionalism displayed by these officers. Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo seemed at the top of his game tonight and we do hope this Tony is back to stay. Bishop is growing on us as the actress tries so hard to be a credible addition to this stellar team. We are looking forward to seeing how her character develops when her husband appears in next week’s show.

We caught the NCIS New Orleans show too. We may have to start critiquing that show, as it is well written and strong. Lucas Black shines in the role Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, and tonight he showed amazing courage in saving a friend from a terrorist attack by drug cartels.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson