Another good one. We were delighted to see CGIS Special Agent Abigail Borin return. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a big enough role, but she had a great closing line for Tony. Tonight’s show was refreshingly clean compared to last week’s. It was great to see McGee try on the role of boss and to see Bishop and Abby analyzing his leadership. We loved the line from Abby when she called Tim “McGibbs.” His glare competes with Gibbs’ intense look. To Diane, this was the best subplot of the show. She found it difficult to follow the dialogue on the San Dominick.

The episode was full of tension, which we like. The captain of the San Dominick had a sneaky idea for ripping off drug cartels and separating them from their shipping container full of drug money. Something just didn’t seem right when Tony interviewed him as they were about to medevac him on the USCG chopper. Dave instantly knew the numbers at the scene belonged to a shipping container. Must be his years with U.S. Customs and DEA are coming in handy.

Sometimes the crook’s schemes get too complicated as they attempt to cheat their accomplices. That’s what happened tonight. In those cases, even an inept investigator figures it out. As it’s said….sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut. Dave worked many of these kinds of cases through the years and he found the twists and turns reminding him of his undercover cases involving drug cartels.

In the end, Gibbs comes through in stunning fashion. He disarms the bomb and fakes out the pirates that were working with the Captain, who planned to cheat them all. Way to go Gibbs!! Wasn’t it clever having USCG Agent Borin deflated Tony’s ego by telling him he couldn’t be second in command. But, he could be “a solid number three.”

NCIS NOLA rocks again, with Senior FBI Agent Fornell traveling to the Big Easy to solve a kidnapping case. We really like how this team pulls together. NCIS Director Leon Vance has a cameo appearance as he pledges whatever help they need to solve the case. We spotted the bandage on the neighbor’s arm and determined she was involved somehow. The brother and sister are reconciled in the end, but it comes after a sad death of a hero.

What do y’all think?

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson