This episode was really a fun one. Great script writing. It’s creative when the victim’s cell phone starts ringing inside the evidence bag. Also hilarious is when Tony has a verbal exchange with an anonymous caller demanding, “You first ‘wise acre’,” and it turns out to be “The President.” What a hoot. We enjoyed seeing relationships develop among team members in this episode. Abby meets a good-looking U.S. Park Police Sergeant who is also into tattoos (more on that below). Gibbs is there for Director Vance when he is scheduled for health tests because he has suspicious spots on his lungs. Tony answers Tim’s phone when his girlfriend Delilah calls from the Middle East and sees her on FaceTime dressed to be seen only by Tim. Did y’all notice Michael Weatherly has slimmed down, losing thirty-five pounds during the off-season? He did it swimming long distances in the Pacific Ocean and doing triathlons. He says he wants to be healthier for his family.
How many football enthusiasts spotted the cameo appearance of Tony Gonzalez, former tight end for the Atlanta Falcons. For those who didn’t recognize him, he was the Special Agent Tony Francis who stopped at Bishop’s desk, asking if she liked working for Gibbs. Why the cameo appearance? CBS now has the Monday Night Football contract, so expect in coming weeks there will be other pro football players making cameo appearances on CBS shows to help create interest in Monday Night Football.
Did you notice that again tonight, Bishop mentioned her husband Jake? It’s part of an intentional plan to introduce him into the show. We’ll see if it gains Bishop any new fans as we believe the more viewers see of her backstory, the more they will approve of her. Speaking of relationships, tonight we learned Director Vance hasn’t made any provisions for his kids since his wife was killed. His health scare gives us a chance to see his daughter again, and the nice nanny. Hmmm. With the good news that Leon is not seriously ill, we wonder if he’s ready to move on in his life.
The reveal of the suspected murderer of Commander Wallace came a bit too quickly, when Gibbs (played superbly by Mark Harmon) suddenly announces, “You’re a lefty and under arrest.” Well, it looks like the widow will inherit gobs of money after all and Tony didn’t lose his touch. Oh, and the tattooed U.S. Park Officer—just for the record, many agencies do not allow tattoos that show on officers’ arms. In D.C., summer months are hot so officers wear short sleeves. FYI, last week NCIS snagged 18.2 million viewers, with NCIS New Orleans keeping most of them with 17.2 million. We caught the New Orleans show again tonight, finding it creepy the Bubonic Plague is featured the same day the first case of Ebola is diagnosed in the U.S.
Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson