We’ve written in the past how we don’t enjoy NCIS episodes that are so long they have to be continued on another night. The writers accommodated us last night as the main NCIS show continued over into NCIS New Orleans, where events are completely resolved. These were two complicated episodes for two consecutive hours, but it’s clever how the writers merged both the Washington, D.C. squad and the New Orleans NCIS office. We like writing about espionage in our thrillers, and it takes us about three hundred twenty pages to write a complex espionage novel. In Part 1 of Sister City, we find Abbey’s adopted brother Luca deep into a complex Russian spy plot involving the theft of U.S. Naval secrets. His statement, “Let your faith be bigger than your fear,” runs through the plot. Part 2 resolves who is behind the theft, where the NCIS agents use sophisticated technology to track down Russian agents. We won’t elaborate on the show’s twists and turns as viewers have to see the shows to believe them. Yikes!


The one thing we did learn is that “Very Special Agent” Tony DiNozzo has broken up with his girlfriend Zoe, the ATF agent. Okay, that fits into the news that we read in several articles, including Hollywood Reporter, just prior to NCIS being aired.


Drum roll … Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS at the end of Season 13! Will he be the last of the original cast to leave? Will the “Legacy Show” somehow merge with NCIS New Orleans? Recent comments from CBS officials make it sound as if the show will continue on past Michael’s leaving. Tony has always been a great character, but it seems like the writers have struggled to find a place for him this season. They are not using one of the best actors on the show to his full potential, choosing instead to highlight Ellie Bishop. So we guess we shouldn’t be at all surprised Michael is looking to develop other projects. We would like to see him take a supervisory role for NCIS in Spain or in one of the other foreign offices so he could reappear next year, at least once! We read one online article suggesting Cote de Pablo will appear on an episode to send Tony off. Will she, do you think?


Speaking of novels, David McCallum who plays Ducky so ably, is on a new adventure. He penned a crime novel entitled “Once A Crooked Man”, which releases January 7th. We wish him well as an author and we wish you Happy New Year!


Be Blessed, Dia and David Munson