If you’ve recorded tonight’s episode of NCIS and you are wondering if it’s worth watching, the answer is yes. Unlike some episodes where it is gory and too complex for the one hour allotted, “Nonstop” is a light hearted suspense that includes Robert Wagner as Tony Di Nozzo Sr. He’s always a hit. As the story develops, Di Nozzo Sr. tells Gibbs that he came back to the U.S. after visiting Tony Jr. and his child Tallie in Paris and Sr. was in a funk. At Junior’s suggestion, Di Nozzo Sr. joined a Virginia Sheriff’s volunteer group of Sherlocks. Imagine that Junior was thinking his Dad would be driving around with another silver haired volunteer in a ‘volunteer posse’ checking for violators illegally parking in handicap spaces. That is not was his Dad was doing. He and two other volunteers (one an attractive female senior played by Jessica Walter) were actually sworn as special deputy sheriffs and the Sheriff was insisting on shared jurisdiction on an NCIS murder investigation in his county. Actually, NCIS would really have no jurisdiction in that case.

After a female Seaman returns home for deployment on a Navy ship, she is found dead in her home. As Gibbs and his team proceed with their investigation, they find the local Sheriff and DiNozzo Sr and the other volunteers insist on helping. It is nothing like what would happen in real life, but it does make for an hour of light-hearted fare. Gibbs solves the case using his wits. We understand there have been other “Sherlock” episodes in past years, which we haven’t seen. Let us hear from you how this one stacks up and also if you believe Tony Jr. will appear on NCIS again this season.

Whatever your plans might be for next week, here is a head’s up. NCIS fans will see part 1 of Pandora’s Box at the regular time, and part 2 will air on NCIS New Orleans at 10 pm.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson