Tonight’s episode of NCIS used a Halloween Party (not on a Navy base) as a backdrop to stage the wounding of Navy Lt. Ethan Wynn and the eventual murder of his wife Lt. Helen Wynn. We find ourselves in the Fifteenth season, and it’s getting harder to write realistic scripts. As we’ve pointed out too many times, the NCIS can only investigate crimes that occur on Naval bases. Tonight’s episode involves naval personnel, but occurs in the jurisdiction of what McGee called the “LEOs” or Local Law Enforcement Offices. Yet, there were no police officers involved in the episode.

The reason for that was the fact that Jennifer Corbett the writer, and the producers wanted to introduce two new characters that will be having recurring appearances. With Ducky disappearing from the scene this year and Abby leaving the cast at the end of this season, they’ll need some new cast members. The first is Jack Sloan, a female who shows up unexpectedly at Gibbs’ house. He later learns she is Special Agent Jack Sloan, a forensic psychologist who is transferred from NCIS in California. This makes sense since Ducky had the same degree but is now gone. It’s been reported that SA Sloan will develop into the new love interest for Gibbs.

The second new character is Executive Officer Thomas Buckner of the ship where the murdered Lieutenant was assigned. When Ellie Bishop flies out to the ship to investigate, she discovers to her great surprise that she and Buckner were high school classmates and rivals. Things start rather coldly when Bishop accuses Buckner of being involved in Lt. Wynn’s death. The investigation moves rather quickly to reveal that Lt. Wynn was really murdered by a sailor from the ship as part of a scheme to steal the ship’s funds. By the end of this episode, the difference between Buckner and Bishop seem to evaporate and they agree to an off-duty coffee meeting. Could this be Ellie’s future love interest?

So, it seems the real purpose of tonight’s show was to introduce these two new characters. As the plot develops, it becomes apparent that Gibbs’ is not receptive to having to work with Sloan. Does this portend problems for a future love interest? She’s the right age for the aging Gibbs. Does she look like his type? Since he’s gotten rid of his military hair cut, he’s presenting a new image. Does Mark Harmon still have the acting ability to portray Gibbs as a tough cop who would romance a woman who calls herself Jack? Harmon will have his work cut out for him. To read more about the actor, Maria Bello, click here.

Be Blessed, Diane and David Munson