In the latest episode of NCIS, who do you think was the “desperate” man? The Metro PD detective, whose wife was murdered, was the first one to roar on the scene, seemingly out of control. Then there was his wife Mya’s former colleague who had gone rogue, selling secrets to America’s enemies. Finally, CIA officer Ray Cruz, Ziva’s erstwhile boyfriend, stumbled back into the special agent’s life; however, after he stood her up, she was having none of him and avoided all his phone calls. So he started calling her team, even Gibbs. When he plunged to one knee in front of a horde of gawkers, he seemed frankly, out of his mind. The sparkling diamond notwithstanding, Ziva sensed it too, ordering him to “Get up!”
The plot served up a few twists, but David wasn’t swayed by any of them. After Ziva’s confession to Tony how Ray had left her waiting at the restaurant three long and painful hours, David knew then that the CIA officer was the killer. The only question to David was why. Abby performed brilliantly in detecting the fatal shots had come from a rooftop. Ziva rightfully concluded Mya was not the target.
Ziva, a former Mossad officer, is used to bloodshed. When Ray said he’d asked for a desk job and his dark side was over, Ziva blinked. Was he being for real? Could she indeed make a life with him? She so wanted a husband and something permanent, that she said yes. What was it like for Ziva to finally agree to Ray’s proposal of marriage only to find that he’d killed the Lt. Commander and the terrorist? She socked him right in the nose. Many of you can relate to being disappointed by someone they care about. We think that’s why NCIS is so popular. They deal with real-life issues through the agents’ eyes and nineteen million fans can relate. (Kind of like our novels, right!)
Our final thoughts. If we’d have written this show, the ending would have been more realistic. David had several cases involving the CIA and in all of them, the defendants eventually walked. Ziva and Tony should not have told the detective the name of the killer. The CIA officer can never be tried, as he’d reveal too many secrets that would damage national security. We would have had them pin it on the terrorist who is now dead. That way the husband feels there is justice. The way it was written, Ray will demand a trial, and demand certain Top Secret documents for his defense. The CIA would refuse to furnish the documents, which would require the Federal prosecutor to dismiss the case. Is that justice? What do you think?
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Be Blessed,
Diane and David