Here is the proof that NCIS, the most watched show on CBS, is a real agency. Too many viewers think it is a fictional creation for their entertainment. Like the fictional Leroy Jethro Gibbs, I was a Special Agent with Naval Investigative Service, which is now called Naval Criminal Investigative Service. That is why Diane and I write critiques (on this blog each Wednesday) of the show and news that occurs in the real world about the real NCIS.
In real life, NCIS Special Agents are “afloat,” an in house term indicating the agent is at sea, usually with an aircraft carrier group. Yesterday, (Friday, January 6, 2012) while Iran’s leadership was threatening the U.S. to keep the carrier USS John C. Stennis out of the Straight of Hormuz, the Defense Department announced the Stennis group had rescued thirteen Iranian fishermen, whose Iranian flagged vessel was seized by pirates in the Arabian Sea. The arrest resulted when an SH-60S Seahawk helicopter (you’ve seen Tony and Ziva on them) flew from the deck of the guided-missile destroyer, USS Kidd and detected a small skiff tied to the Iranian fishing vessel, emitting an emergency beacon. The Kidd is one of the ships escorting the USS Stennis.
The announcement about the thirteen recued fishermen and the fifteen arrested pirates was made by Special Agent Josh Schminky, the real version of the fictional Tony DiNozzo aboard the USS Kidd. The pirates will now be identified and interrogated by NCIS, prior to deciding where they will be prosecuted.
On some days chance circumstances occur that reflect positively on our military and the NCIS, and therefore, on whomever is our president. Even Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast called the rescue and arrests a “humanitarian and positive” act. Was it a “chance circumstance”, or is it possible the current Administration has enlisted the writers of NCIS to improve our international image? Will we see something similar on a future episode of NCIS, or was what we just witnessed an episode pulled from the shelf?
What do you think?