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Here’s our take on Psych Out:

This show is a real “head gamer!” While Diane is busy scrawling pages of notes as in her courtroom days, David is evaluating all the suspects. About halfway through the show, he figures it out, the old fashioned way. Watching Dr. Rachel Cranston interact with Dr. Samantha Ryan is reminiscent of a tennis match at Wimbledon. Who killed Dr. Banks? It is the Iranians, as retribution for our trying to take out their nuclear scientists? Or is it someone closer to home? Baxter was pushed out by Banks due to instability, but he is not the killer. Baxter is a confidential informant working with DEA for the past year. David enjoyed this little twist as he was a Special Agent with DEA, after they recruited him away from NCIS.

This episode cranked out more twists than a giant ride at Cedar Point. Samantha Ryan really gets into Gibbs’ head, telling him how he makes her feel safe. We want to scream out, “Watch it Leroy, she’s coming after your mind. Learn how to fix your own pancakes.” And if you watched the subsequent shows this past season, you know what is coming with Ryan and it ain’t pretty. After all his years of working the streets and back alleys, Leroy Jethro Gibbs should know better. Finally, Tony is shocked to find out his game to bust McGee for earning more money busts him. He owes $2,000 in back FICA taxes. Ouch.

A final Spoiler Alert: We have it on good authority that Season 10 is bringing back more brain games. Will Dr. Ryan be back? We think not. It is possible that Kate’s sister, Dr. Cranston, will return in the mix. She seems to love the team as much as Kate did and can’t get enough of this fabulous NCIS team. Can you? Also, we’d love to know how many of you watch NCIS LA.

Stay tuned and be Blessed,
Diane and David