The title for the 10/18/11 NCIS episode was “Safe Harbor”. Were any of you surprised by the plot twists? Consider how the Lebanese father lied to Gibbs, over and over again, professing his innocence, only to be conspiring with his young son to kill. Based on our years of dealing with criminals (David nailed them and Diane jailed them) we both thought this too-slick father was hiding something.
Abby nailed it this time. By analyzing the substance on Tony’s pants, she found the white gunk was not laundry soap, but glycerin capable of blowing up the entire Norfolk harbor. While the father stoked hatred in his youngest son, the mother demonstrated forgiveness, just as Christ did in his attitude for those who crucified him. Wasn’t it interesting how Ziva and the mother found common ground despite their differences? It was a well written show with realistic dialogue.
What was going on with the Sec/Nav and Director/Leon? Did their back and forth make any sense? Their disagreement seemed a bit contrived. For example, we wonder why Sec/Nav wanted to get to the bottom of the plot, but Leon was willing to let it go. We hope they develop this thread more tightly in future shows, otherwise it was not well written.
Did you catch Gibb’s response to Ziva when she asked him if he was lonely? He said one doesn’t get lonely when they have kids. Are his kids, the team he leads? Let us know your thoughts. If you post a comment about this show, we will put you in a drawing for one free copy of our next thriller, “The Joshua Covenant,” which should be released in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
Be Blessed,
Diane and David